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Equilar Partnership Launch Announcement

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Private Equity and Venture Capital Teams Get Enhanced Talent Management and Search with Asymbl and Equilar Partnership



AUSTIN, TX (Nov. 15, 2023) — In a significant move for the private equity and venture capital industries, Asymbl, a leader in recruitment and staffing solutions, has joined forces with Equilar, renowned for its executive intelligence solutions. This alliance marks a leap forward in optimizing talent pipeline management and enhancing search functionalities for these sectors.


The collaboration between Asymbl and Equilar is poised to revolutionize talent acquisition and management strategies for private equity and venture capital firms. By integrating Asymbl's robust applicant tracking system with Equilar's comprehensive ExecAtlas platform, firms will now have unparalleled access to executive and board member data, streamlining their talent search and management processes.


David Chun, CEO and founder of Equilar, emphasizes the significance of this partnership: "Partnering with Asymbl empowers our private equity and venture capital clients with advanced tools for more effective talent identification and recruiting workflows directly in their CRM. In addition, our integration unifies data silos and allows deal teams to benefit from the valuable networks of their talent professionals."


The key advantages of this Asymbl-Equilar alliance for the private equity and venture capital sectors are:

  • Enhanced talent pipeline management through sophisticated analytics.
  • Simplified and efficient access to a broad network of top-tier executives.
  • Improved strategies for managing portfolio companies and optimizing talent resources.
  • Unified data silos empower deal teams to leverage their talent professionals' networks.
  • Tailored recruiting workflows for venture capital and private equity firms' unique processes.

Brandon Metcalf, CEO and founder of Asymbl, reflects on the partnership: "I am thrilled about our partnership with Equilar, as it merges Asymbl's modern, sophisticated recruiting technology with Equilar's exceptional executive intelligence. This collaboration offers firms unparalleled data, insights, and workflows, enhancing efficiency and speed in hiring top-tier talent."


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About Asymbl

Asymbl, Inc. is a leading provider of business-process-specific applications designed as bolt-on solutions for Salesforce’s Customer 360 portfolio. With a focus on staffing and recruitment, Asymbl’s innovative solutions empower companies to modernize their operations, acquire top clients, optimize their workflows, and enhance the talent experience. For more information, visit Asymbl's website:


About Equilar

Equilar is the leading provider of executive intelligence solutions. The company’s expertise in relationship intelligence drives state-of-the-art business development and CRM applications, board and executive recruitment, and compensation and governance strategies. Equilar integrates its extensive database of executive profiles with natural language processing and machine learning AI to enable real-time relationship analytics and targeted outreach for its global clients. Equilar's commitment to excellence has made it the go-to solution for over 1,000 companies, including 75% of the Fortune 500, top PE/VC firms and leading professional services entities. Learn more at


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