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The State of the Staffing Front Office Software Landscape

| March 20, 2024 | By

Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) recently released its Global Staffing Front Office Software Landscape Update 2023. This annual report is designed to give staffing industry executives, stakeholders, and IT teams a resource to help them make informed decisions about their firm’s tech stack and become familiar with the recent trends and technologies shaping the staffing and recruiting market.

Inspired by the report, which is only available to SIA members, we are exploring some of these trends and what Asymbl—a first-time survey participant—contributes to the front office software landscape. 


Staffing and Recruiting Industry Trends

The staffing and recruiting industry is undergoing a digital transformation. As a result, many firms are looking for new solutions, technologies, and innovations to replace their inefficient manual processes and out-of-date legacy software. 

Three areas in particular appear to be undergoing the greatest changes within the staffing and recruiting industry: artificial intelligence, user experience, and automation.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is top of mind for many staffing and recruiting firms as they look to improve front office efficiency. Front office software vendors are responding to this increased demand by incorporating AI-driven capabilities into their solutions, such as:

  • Job ad creation
  • Search and match
  • Intelligent workflows 
  • Chatbots and virtual assistants

User experience is a huge differentiator for front office software solutions. To attract and retain clients, vendors are incorporating user-focused features and enhanced dashboards that deliver 360-degree views of user activity and workflows and provide a single pane of glass to manage recruiting processes.

Automation is a critical component in today’s staffing and recruiting workflows. However, rather than building the automation tools themselves, many front office software providers are building their tech stacks through partnerships with existing automation technologies, including large platforms such as Salesforce and Microsoft.

Where Asymbl Stands on Staffing Technology and Market Trends

We can confidently say that Asymbl is in line with, if not ahead of, the technology and market trends that most impact the staffing and recruiting industry. 

Artificial Intelligence
Our products are built in the Salesforce platform, allowing our customers to access Salesforce’s powerful AI technologies and AI-driven app and leverage them to accelerate and automate the hiring process.

User Experience
Asymbl’s products are designed with user experience in mind. Our configurable applicant tracking system (ATS) dashboards provide end-to-end visibility into the applicant lifecycle, and our Salesforce-native dashboards with drag-and-drop builders make it easy to surface relevant key performance indicators (KPIs).

Asymbl’s built-in automation and intelligence tools—combined with Salesforce’s industry-leading automation, sales, and customer relationship management (CRM) technology—give staffing and recruiting firms the power to effortlessly configure, deploy, manage, and track workflows and recruitment processes.

Modular Design
The days of the all-in-one staffing technology solution are over. Asymbl’s applicant tracking system software, Asymbl ATS, makes it easy to “bolt on” the business process-specific applications that support your unique workflows. If or when an app no longer meets your needs, you can simply turn it off and turn on one that does. 

One-size-fits-all staffing solutions rarely fit anyone. Asymbl partners with staffing and implementation solution providers who are great at what they do so we can focus on what we do best—helping firms optimize their staffing and recruiting processes.

The Knowledge You Need to Select the Right Staffing Front Office Software

There are a lot of front-office software vendors out there. However, not every solution is a good fit for the specialized needs of staffing and recruiting professionals. 

Resources like SIA’s Global Staffing Front Office Software Landscape Update 2023 provide essential insights into the technologies and market trends shaping the staffing and recruiting industry. This knowledge will help you make informed decisions about which solutions are best aligned with your business goals and objectives. 

If you want to learn more about Asymbl’s approach to delivering staffing and recruiting software solutions, schedule a demo today. Let us show you how to assemble a staffing and recruiting tech stack perfectly configured for your unique processes and workflows.

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